It is more important to use walking sticks in a proper way, or it will exhaust you greatly.

1.15google picAnd there is potential danger in it. Many climbers ignore the correct use of walking sticks for hiking, and they only imitate what others do without learning how to useIn fact, there are numerous skills of its usage. If you can’t use it correctly, it will not bring you relief but bring potential harm to your body. 1, When you encounter a slope, you need help from your company. Under such circumstances, we can never let your friend use a climbing stick to pull you up. No matter how superior the  walking stick is, it also has possibility of detachment, which will lead to an accident.   2, Some people tend to hold the climbing walking stick and let its tip upward rather than touching the ground when they are tired and slow down their paceHowever, we should drag the pole tip on the ground when holding them in hand. The tip of the pole is very sharp. Once people walking behind is falling down forward, he is very likely to be poked by the stick and get hurt. Therefore, the tip of the stick can only be downwards to the ground. 3, Screwed expansion structure is applied for almost all inside locking walking stick. And when this screwed expansion parts are used for a long time, they will always be loosen more or less, especially the ones used by left hand. Because the left hand is habitually rotating counterclockwise, which will unlock the walking stick gradually. So its necessary for climbers to check the walking stick and fasten it when you have walked for a while.

Post time: Jan-15-2018
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