Why do you need a walking stick for trekking?

TO Avoid backache and reduce the burden of knees wear when you are climbing mountains.rSXy-fynwnws0205878

Medical experts claims that the knees suffer about 5 times the weight of their own body, when people go down the mountain quickly.
When a person weighing 60 kilograms descends from the mountain 100 meters high from the sea level, then his knees will bear 300 kilograms’ impact for 200 times on the condition that he needs to take 2 steps for every 1 meters down.
The higher a mountain you climb , the much more impact your knees will bear. For this reason, it is easy to cause injury to the knees and ankles, which makes it possible to get arthritis and other similar diseases.

However, there is a simple tool which can help you a lot, which is walking sticks, also called trekking pole.

So don’t underestimate this pole, it can decrease the pressure on your lower legs and enable you to avoid the leg pain and sore as well as reduce the wear and tear of the knees. After the use of the trekking pole, 90% of the muscles were involved in the exercise, and the intensity of the exercise increased in a large scale, which is actually equivalent to jogging.

Then how do we use the poles correctly? I will tell you next week.

Thank you.

Post time: Jan-06-2018
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