What should prepare before outdoor training?

Participating in outdoor development training is a way for many people to experience outdoor sports life. They can not only experience the fun of outdoor sports life, but also meet a group of friends who love outdoor sports as well. The first time to participate in outward bound training, which items need to pay attention to? Today, Dubulu summarize up the 9 points need to pay attention to, I hope to help you.

  1. Body: all items are applicable to ordinary adults, physical fitness without special requirements. (if there is a serious heart disease, hypertension, chronic dislocation, spinal cervical spine injury experience, major surgery within six months can not participate in outdoor training, training process, if you don’t feel well, please explain to the head coach); if the disease has been effectively controlled and in the rehabilitation period, can be in the training division under the guidance of selectively participate in projects related to training.
  2. Behavior: please assemble on time during the event, not absent, not late; without the guidance of a trainer, no one may climb, train, swim or do any other dangerous sport without the guidance of a trainer.
  3. Drugs: we have common drugs (band aid, patchouli liquid, kyushin pills, etc.), if necessary, you can take to the coach.
  4. Wear: before the event, please cut long fingernails. Please a sportswear, sports shoes (especially women don’t wear high-heeled shoes, men do not wear shoes or clothing (convenient) activities do not wear skirts, the other woman) need to prepare a spare set of clothes, in order to change after sweating. Because of the temperature difference between day and night, please keep warm (wearing glasses to lead students reinforced glasses).
  5. Items: activities in the process, in order to avoid the hurt, do not wear jewelry, watches, pocket do not store the hard goods (such as mobile phone keys, coins, etc.). Ladies, please don’t wear hard headgear.
  6. Action: during the event, students shall not go out except in exceptional circumstances. If students go out, must by the organizers organizers agree; difficult to find the coach, ask for help; obey the unified arrangement; the students during the training, smoking, drinking, gambling and drug use or any other illegal drugs.
  7. Environmental protection: in the activities, please take care of the facilities, are strictly prohibited climbing, while you take good care of the natural environment, do not litter.
  8. Diet: no smoking in the activities, please do not drink, the club to ensure the safety of food hygiene.
  9. About the weather: unless dramatic changes in the course before the start of the weather, otherwise it will not cancel or postpone the training, but according to the weather changes timely adjust time or to replace the original curriculum in other projects.

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Post time: Jul-13-2017
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