The Use of the Wristband

A climber reaching the summit

The ordinary people hold the handle firmly when using the walking stick, to think that the function of wristband is to tight their hands in case that their hands would loose the walking stick. However, the methods of gripping handle is wrong and only engenders much more sore and fatigue to the hand muscle.

Correct use methods: we should take the wristband up, penetrate it from bottom and make the wristband support our wrists. Then gently grasp the handle. Using the wristband to support walking stick instead of using your strength on holding the handle is the point.

In this way, the impact undertaken by walking stick can be transferred through wristband when we go downhill. Similarly, when uphill, the thrust of the arm can be transmitted to the walking stick by wristband. So no matter how long you use it, you won’t feel tired.

Post time: Jan-16-2018
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