Over 70% Street Lamps in New York Has Been Replaced by LED, The Effect Is Surprising..

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the New Yorkers will begin to see the new appearance of the city.

According to data from New York’s Ministry of Transportation, among 250 thousand street lights which were sodium vapour bulbs giving out orange light, nearly 72% of them have been replaced by those brighter white LED bulbs.The goal is to upgrade the rest 28% of the lights in New York by the end of 2018, excluding those on the state highway.


LED lights run longer than old ones, but only consume half of the energy of the old ones so as to save millions of dollars. Experts say the upgrading will also increase security and inspire locals and tourists in New York to walk more often in streets at night.

“In the United States, people of some cities leave work after 5 p.m.,” says Harold Gaunoch Takooshian, a professor majoring in psychology and urban studies at the Fordham University,“New Yorkers don’t act like this, and it should not be so.” In addition, he studied how street lights affect the life of community.

New York mayor Michael Blonburke (Michael Bloomberg) approved the plan to upgrade streetlights in 2013. The first stage starts with Broolyn in 2015, then in Queens in 2016. According to the latest data from the Ministry of transportation, nearly 154000 LED lights have been installed in the two administrative regions. About 25000 LED lights have been installed in Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.

According to the New York police office, the overall crime rate has fallen by 8% in the past two years. “It’s hard to say that direct correlation exists between crime rate decline and lighting improvement,” says Takooshian, “But lighting improvement makes people’s life safer.”".

Takooshian says that people have been looking for the way to illuminate streets in an more economic and more efficient way.

When the LED lights were first installed in 2015, some residents in Broolyn complained that the LED lights were so bright that they disturbed their sleep. The mayor, Bill Blasio and the Ministry of Transportation responded to the complaints and took action swiftly.

The spokeswoman of Ministry of Transportation said, ” The lighting of community has been investigated by the Ministry of Transportation, and a meeting with the LED lamp manufacturers was held. The wattage of LED lamps can be lowered (from 78 watts to 72 watts), and we choose the lamps which can alter the light propagation.”

These adjustments seem to work. Elected officials and community leaders said they had received no major complaints about the lights for more than a year.

“For many people, this is the norm now,” says Jeremy Laufer, regional manager of the Broolyn community committee. Los Angeles, Hood Island in Hawaii and Phoenix are planning similar upgrades, while environmentalists say they will be looking for inspiration from New York.

Natural Resources Defend Council environment director of New York City Eric Goldstein said: “Lights in New York city are more than any other city in the United States”, “if the plan works in New York, and other areas are likely to follow the example.”

Post time: Oct-11-2017
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