Other wonders of the useful pole

——Pathfinder, removal of obstacles, self-defense


1.Tell the right direction


Getting lost is what we have to think about when we’re going outdoors. How can we tell the direction when we forget to carry a compass?


The answer is a climbing stick!


In the sun, fix the climbing pole on the ground, and mark the vertex of its shadow with a small rock or other item. Repeat the action 30 minutes later. Then put two markers in a line, which is the east-west direction, and it is perpendicular to the direction of the north-south direction!

The point is a line, that is east-west direction, and its vertical direction is north-south direction!




In cross-country running or mountain climbing and other outdoor activities, when encounter haze, snow, sand and so on, you can use a walking stick to detect the way. And when you cross the creek or cross the puddle, you can use it to measure the depth of water roughly, and consider whether you can go past.


3.Remove obstacles


In outdoor action, there is often full of weeds, thorns on the way. You can use the climbing pole to poke branches and weeds to avoid scratches, which is easy to move forward.




The environment you are experiencing may be not counted as deep mountains and forests, but there will be inevitably some “small animals”, such as the dingo (beat dog stick method with the pole), snakes, spider webs which should be avoided to approach when you find it in the wild for it may be toxic.


Of course, the stick has other applications, such as a support for building a shelter for scorching sun or rain, and the stretcher for first aid.

Post time: Nov-23-2017
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