How to Use Climbing Walking Sticks Correctly?

Adjust the length of climbing walking sticks
The length of climbing walking stick is a thing worth studying.
Generally speaking, walking stick with 3 sections has 2 adjustable sections. In the beginning, unscrew all the sections of a stick, pull the nearest section to the bottom to the maximum length. And there is calibration on the pole shaft for your reference.
Then hold the walking stick standing on the even road, with arms hanging down naturally. Take the elbow as a fulcrum, lift the forearm to 90 degrees with the upper arm. Then extend the other two sections in a equal degree to make the pole tip downward to touch the ground; Eventually, lock all the sections firmly.
Then, adjust the other walking stick to the same state of previous stick. There is one more thing that you need to pay much attention to. It should not exceed the maximum length of adjustment shown on the pole shaft. Before you buy walking stick, you need to confirm how long will we need in order to buy a suitable one.

Post time: Jan-16-2018
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