Adjust the Length of Trekking Pole According to the Terrain Condition


  • Even land

Standing on the land, hold the trekking pole with arm drooping naturally.
Make elbow as a fulcrum, lift the forearm to make it parallel to the ground and vertical to the the upper arm.  
Hold the trekking pole at this state on which it is the perfect length of pole.
Lastly, lock each section of the climbing stick tightly.

  •  Uphill

The length of the pole should be a little shorter than it is used on a even ground.
The trekking pole should be placed in front of the body and then use a wristband to support body to advance, which can effectively reduce the burden of leg. 
When necessary, you can also use two poles to climb at the same time.
And you can acquire more strength by holding the handle firmly. 

  •  Downhill

The length of the pole should be slightly longer than the normal length of road walking.
The impact on the knee when walking on the downhill is greater. Therefore, the use of climbing is necessary to reduce the pain.
In the downward step, the pole falls first in front of the body, and must touch the ground ahead of the time when the front foot steps on the ground to achieve the effect of sharing power.
Special attention needs to be paid on the truth that the pole bears much more weight when climber walking on a downhill than the normal situation. So every section must be fixed firmly to avoid that it suddenly retracts, resulting in the danger of physical imbalance.
Also for the same reason, a landing spot must be paid attention to. Exert a little pressure on the spot to inspect the firmness of the floor. Don’t step on the place which is easy to collapse, such as mud, floating grass on a hollow, fragile sand road near the cliff etc..


The length of the trekking pole shall not exceed the maximum adjustment length. There is a “STOP” or “MAX” mark shown on the pole which suggests that climber had better not adjust the length exceeding the position, or the pole is likely to break. 

Within the range of “STOP” mark, the scale of length can be seen as a reference. In the purchase of trekking poles, The clients can choose the size of pole according to their height.

Post time: Nov-10-2017
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